Airbus Barking Dog Sound What’s That Sound?

SOUTHAFRICAPPL- Airbus Barking Dog Sound What’s That Sound

What Is The Airbus Barking Dog Sound

Have you ever been on an Airbus A320 or A330 plane and wondered about that strange noise that sounds like a barking dog coming from underneath the plane? Well, that noise is actually caused by something called a Power Transfer Unit, or PTU for short.

The PTU is like the power source for the hydraulic systems on certain Airbus planes. It starts working when it senses a drop in hydraulic pressure, specifically when it falls below 500 pounds per square inch (psi) on either the green or yellow hydraulic system. Usually, these systems are kept at around 3000 psi.

So, why does the PTU make that noise? Well, when the main hydraulic pumps, which are like the engines for the green and yellow systems, aren’t available, such as when an engine is turned off while the plane is taxiing to save fuel, the hydraulic pressure can drop. This drop in pressure triggers the PTU, and it creates that distinctive ‘barking dog’ or ‘sawing’ noise that you often hear during these moments. Exploring the Pilot Lifestyle on his Weekends

If you want to see a video about this from a commercial airline pilot, it can provide a visual explanation and more information about this unique feature of aircraft. It’s a distinct sound, and now you know what’s causing it.

Is there something wrong with the aircraft when you hear that barking noise from an Airbus

When you hear a strange barking noise coming from an Airbus aircraft, it’s nothing to be concerned about. It’s just a normal part of how the airplane works.

southafricappl -Is there something wrong with the aircraft when you hear that airbus barking sound.

This noise usually comes from the hydraulic systems of the plane. These systems are responsible for important tasks like lifting the landing gear, extending the flaps on the wings, and making sure all the controls work smoothly. So, when you hear the Airbus “barking dog” sound, it’s just the plane’s way of doing its job.

Some people actually like this noise and find it charming, but not everyone feels that way. Some folks find it a bit annoying.

Why Three Hydraulic Systems On The Airbus

Now, you might be wondering why aircraft have three hydraulic systems. Well, it’s all about being extra safe. Having three systems provides a backup. If one of them has a problem (which is rare), the other two can step in to make sure the plane keeps flying safely.

But here’s an interesting fact: Some newer aircraft, like the Airbus A380 and A350, only have two hydraulic systems. They’ve chosen this design to make the plane lighter. Don’t worry, though. These modern planes also have an electrical backup system. So, even if something unexpected happens, the important systems, like the controls, can still work perfectly.

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