Airline Pilot Life – The Best And Worst Parts About Life As A Pilot

SOUTHAFRICAPPL- Airline Pilot Life The Best And Worst Parts About Life As A Pilot

Being an airline pilot is a unique job, not like the usual 9-to-5 work. To become one, you need to invest a lot of money, sometimes around $100,000 or £100,000. Whether you dream of being a pilot or just want to know more about their job, it’s good to know the ups and downs from my point of view.

Before I explain these things, I want to make it clear that I genuinely love my job as an airline pilot. I’m not here to complain, I’m sharing this to help people see the Best And Worst Parts of the job. Learn about how to pass pilot assessment day with Group Exercises

The Good Things about Being an Airline Pilot:

SOUTHAFRICAPPL-Learn The Good Things about Being an Airline Pilot

Getting Paid to Travel the World: 

One of the best things about this job is that you get paid to explore the world. It’s an amazing perk. As a short-haul pilot in the UK, I am very lucky to visit almost every European city while earning a living. I’ve enjoyed delicious food in Rome and had dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Long-haul pilots get to travel even farther to more exotic places.

Different Travel Experiences: 

How much you travel and experience new countries, cities, and cultures depends on whether you’re a long-haul or short-haul pilot. Long-haul pilots usually fly longer distances and spend at least one night at their destination. For many airlines, they get to stay for about 24 hours, which allows them to explore the city they’re in. Some long-haul trips can be even longer, with crew members staying for two, three, or even four nights. This gives you a great chance to explore not just the city but also other places in the country.

Family-Friendly Schedules: 

Some short-haul airlines, especially low-cost ones, may not have overnight stays. While this may not be perfect for everyone, it can be better if you have a family because you’ll be home most nights. It’s important to think about this when you’re applying for an airline job. At the beginning of your career, it’s important to take any job offer as a pilot, especially if it involves flying a commercial jet to gain experience. But as you progress in your career, remember that not all airlines offer the same travel opportunities.

Being an airline pilot is a job that lets you travel the world and discover different places. Just make sure to choose a path that suits your preferences, whether it’s long-haul adventures or a schedule that’s better for family life.

Becoming an Airline Pilot – A Unique Career

What’s great about being an airline pilot is that my work doesn’t follow me home. When I finish my flight, make sure the passengers are off the plane, and do all the necessary checks, I’m done for the day. The only things I need to do outside of flying are keeping up with airline manuals and company updates, staying current, and getting ready for my simulator checks every six months. Unlike many well-paid jobs that require answering emails at odd hours, I can truly enjoy my time off. This means I can spend time with my family, do things I enjoy, or even work on other business projects.

You Get More Time Off Work

As a commercial pilot, I get more time off compared to those with regular Monday-to-Friday jobs. While some workdays can be quite long and may require me to be away from home, I still get at least ten days off work each month. If you want to know more about the time off I get, you can read our recent blog post.

Every Day is Unique

One of the exciting things about my job is that no two days are the same. Even if I’m flying the same plane to the same places often, I’m almost always working with different pilots and cabin crew. I also deal with different conditions, like weather and possible delays. It’s an active job, and I get to meet and work with various people. Depending on the size and route network of the airline I work for, I might fly to a different place every day for months before doing the same flight again. It’s a unique and exciting part of the job that many people don’t often think about.

Life As A Pilot – The Pay

The pay for airline pilots can be quite different depending on the country, airline, and the type of plane they fly. If you want to make the most money as a pilot, there are special contracts available worldwide, especially in Asia and the Middle East. Even in the USA, pilot contracts have been getting significant pay increases, with Delta Airlines pilots recently securing an impressive 34% pay increase over the next three years. This job can offer good financial opportunities, depending on your choices and situation.

Being an airline pilot has some tough parts that aren’t so glamorous. Let’s talk about those challenges in simpler terms.

Airline Pilot Life – Life As A Pilot – Explain Best and Worst Parts

The Schedules/Planning

As a commercial pilot, you won’t have a regular 9-to-5 job. Your work schedule can be all over the place, making it hard to plan for important events like weddings or birthdays. Sometimes, you might miss out on social gatherings and family celebrations. If you’re more experienced, you might have better control over your schedule, but you still need to plan your time off carefully, especially for special occasions.

Odd Working Hours

Pilots often have to work during strange hours. You might have to wake up very early in the morning or start your work late at night. These unusual hours can mess up your body’s natural clock and make it tough to work when you’d usually be resting. It’s even trickier for long-distance pilots who cross many time zones. For example, taking off at 7 pm in one place might feel like 2 am according to your body.

Health Concerns:

The pilot job can be tough on your health. Long hours of sitting during flights, eating not-so-healthy meals, and dealing with changing time zones can be bad for your well-being. To stay healthy, it’s crucial to eat well, exercise regularly, and get enough rest when you’re not working. Many pilots use their time off to exercise, especially focusing on their back and leg muscles to counteract the effects of sitting for long periods.


Being an airline pilot has its exciting moments, but it also comes with challenges. Dealing with unpredictable schedules, working odd hours, and taking care of your health are all part of the job. With good planning and a healthy lifestyle, you can handle these difficulties and still enjoy the unique experience of flying.

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