Do you want to know about becoming a pilot and making a career out of it? So, a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is an important step in making that dream come true. In this article, we’ll explain what a CPL is, who is eligible to get it, how long it takes, and what steps you need to follow to get it.

A Commercial Pilot License, or CPL for short, is like a special pass for people who want to become a pilot and fly planes for a job. It lets you fly planes and get paid for it. You can carry passengers, deliver cargo, or even take skydivers up into the sky. So, a CPL is your way to start earning money by flying.

Who Can Get a Commercial Pilot License

To get a CPL, you need to meet certain requirements:

  • Private Pilot Certificate: First, you have to get a private pilot certificate. It’s like the first step in your pilot journey
  • Age:You need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Learn and Train: You’ll need to learn about flying in a classroom (called ground school) and get training from an instructor. This helps you understand flying better and become a good pilot.
  • Pass a Test: You have to pass a test about what you’ve learned in ground school.
  • Pass a Flying Test: There’s also a flying test to make sure you can handle the plane safely.

Is a Commercial Pilot License Right for You

Whether you should get a CPL depends on what you want to do. If you want to get paid for flying or improve your flying skills, then yes, you should consider it. But remember, you might not make a lot of money right away. You need experience and lots of flying time to earn more. So, don’t expect to become rich as soon as you finish flight school. Still, learning to be a commercial pilot is fun, and you’ll get better at flying.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Commercial Pilot License

The time it takes to get your CPL can be different for everyone. It depends on your schedule and goals. If you’re serious about it, go to flight school regularly, and have a plan, you can get your CPL faster. But some people take several years if they’re doing it for fun. If you want to know how long it might take for you, ask your instructor.

Requirements Before Taking Your Flying Test

Before you can take the big flying test for your CPL, you need to meet some requirements:

  • You must have 250 hours of flying experience, including 20 hours with a teacher and 10 hours flying alone or with a CFI.
  • You need 100 hours in powered airplanes, with 10 hours of special training for flying in bad weather (called IFR), and a long flight of 300 miles with stops at different airports.
  • You should also have 50 hours of flying in airplanes, 10 of which should be in complex or special planes. Plus, you need to do five night flights and land at an airport with a control tower.
  • You must have 100 hours as the main pilot in command (PIC) and do two long flights of at least 100 miles each during the day.
  • There’s also 50 hours of cross-country flying, with at least 10 hours in airplanes.
  • Finally, you need to do three practice sessions to prepare for the big test.

Steps to Get Your Commercial Pilot License

Here’s a simple guide to getting your CPL:

  • Go to Ground School: Start by going to ground school to learn the basics.
  • Get a Private Pilot’s License: Before becoming a commercial pilot, you need to get a private pilot certificate first.
  • Get an IFR Rating: You’ll also need to get a special rating for flying in bad weather conditions.
  • Complete Any Extra Training: Depending on your goals, you might need more training, so make sure you meet all the requirements.
  • Build Flight Time and Learn Advanced Flying Skills: You’ll also need to get a special rating for flying in bad weather conditions.
  • Take the Written Exam: Pass a test about what you’ve learned in ground school.
  • Pass the Flying Test:Finally, take the big flying test to show that you’re a capable commercial pilot.


Getting a Commercial Pilot License is a big deal because it opens up cool job opportunities in flying. Whether you want to fly people around, carry stuff, or do other flying jobs, this license lets you turn your love for flying into a job that pays you money. but if you’re dedicated and get the right help, you can work toward getting your Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and experience the excitement of being a commercial pilot.