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SOUTHAFRICAPPL- How Many Hours Do Pilots Work Pilots Amazing Work Schedules

How Many Hours Do Pilots Work?

Pilots are the people who fly airplanes, and it’s a well-respected job that pays them a good amount of money, sometimes more than $400,000 a year. But, how many hours do pilots have to work to earn that money?

Well, it depends on a couple of things. First, it depends on which airline they work for and how the airline plans their flights. Second, there are rules about how much a pilot can work by law. Read about how many days off pilot get complete pilot schedule.

Flight Time Vs Duty Time

There are two kinds of hours to think about: flight hours and duty hours. Flight hours are the time from when the plane leaves the airport until it lands at its destination. Duty hours cover everything from when they check in for work to when they finish their duties for the day. This includes things like meetings, getting to the plane, checking the plane before the flight, getting it ready, letting passengers on, and all the other things they do.

How Many Hours A Week Do Pilots Work

It can be quite different from one week to the next because they get rest days and time off.

For example, one week, a pilot might work for five or six days, but the next week, they might only work for one or two days.

If you’re a pilot who flies shorter routes, you might have some really busy weeks with multiple flights each day. On the other hand, you might also have weeks with five days off, which can feel like a mini-vacation.

In general, pilots often have more free time compared to people with regular jobs from Monday to Friday. It also depends on whether a pilot follows a set schedule or a more flexible one.

The Legal Limits

Long-haul flights are typically longer than short-haul flights, which means they have more flying hours per flight. However, short-haul pilots fly more frequently, resulting in a similar number of yearly flight hours.

To answer the question of how many hours a pilot can work in a week, there are legal requirements in both the UK and the USA:

The maximum duty hours for flight crew in a 7-day period should not exceed 55 hours. This limit can be increased to 60 hours if there are unforeseen delays during a series of duty periods.

So, yes, a pilot can work a maximum of 60 duty hours in 7 days. This means short-haul pilots may have many flights in a week, while long-haul pilots might have only one or two.

Pilot’s days off can vary, and you can find more information about it in our blog post, ‘How Many Days Does A Pilot Get Off?’

It’s essential to note that a pilot’s monthly working hours can fluctuate. Some months they might work close to the 60-hour limit, while in the next month, they could work only 10-15 hours. This diversity is what makes the job of a commercial pilot unique since no two weeks are the same.

How Many Hours A Month Do Pilots Work 

SOUTHAFRICAPPL - How Many Hours Do Pilots Work - in a month

In the UK and USA, both long-haul and short-haul pilots are allowed to fly a maximum of 100 hours in a 28-day period. This figure represents actual flight hours.

Legal requirements for duty hours are as follows:

95 hours in any 14 consecutive days in the UK, compared to 110 duty hours in 14 consecutive days in the USA.

190 hours in any 28 consecutive days, the same for both the UK and the USA.

In practical terms, the number of working days for airline pilots varies based on the airline and whether they are long-haul or short-haul pilots. However, most pilots have at least ten days off in a month.

How Many Hours Do Pilots Work – Over The Year

Pilots can work a maximum of 1000 flying hours per year. This limitation is in place to ensure that pilots remain well-rested and alert, which is essential for the safety of both the aircraft and passengers.

These regulations aim to strike a balance between operational requirements and ensuring pilot well-being and passenger safety.

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