The Instrument Rating Phase. My Experience And How To Do It

SOUTHAFRICAPPL- The Instrument Rating Phase. My Experience And How To Do It

The next thing you need to do to become a commercial pilot is to get something called an Instrument Rating. This is a special certification that comes along with your Commercial Pilot’s License (CPLIR). This part of your training is more advanced compared to your earlier flying lessons, no matter which flight school you go to. Learn about how much hours is required to become pilot

Our blog post is part of a comprehensive guide on how to become a commercial pilot. We provide helpful tips on finding the right flight school, different training choices, doing well in assessment tests, and more.

What Is The Instrument Rating Like Commercial Pilot Training

When you start your instrument rating training, you’ll notice a change in how you learn. You’ll be expected to take more responsibility for your education and come well-prepared for each flying lesson.

During instrument rating training, you’ll build on the skills you’ve developed in your previous flight hours. This includes tasks like studying airport maps, planning flight routes, remembering radio frequencies, and mastering various techniques for accurate flying.

Throughout this training, your flying skills will be closely evaluated because there’s little room for mistakes in this phase. Although it requires hard work, we found that most weekends are free, giving you a chance to relax and get ready for the next week.

How Long Does The Instrument Rating Take

southafricappl - How Long Does The Instrument Rating Take

The time it takes to complete the instrument rating course can vary, usually ranging from 2 to 4  months. The duration depends on how much flying experience you already have and the format of the course you choose.

If you go for the modular format, it’s a good idea to finish this phase in a shorter time. This helps you maintain your flying skills and knowledge of procedures at their best.

What’s The Structure? 

In flight schools, they start your training by using simulators. Simulators are like advanced video games for pilots. When you’re in one, it’s as if your flying skills become much better. Why? Well, because you don’t have to worry about flying a real plane. Instead, you can focus on learning new things, like special flight techniques.

By the time you reach the stage of getting your pilot instrument rating, you’re already very skilled at handling airplanes. It’s like you’ve built a strong foundation.

But here’s the exciting part about getting that instrument rating – it’s a bit challenging, but you can practice for it while you’re still on the ground. They call it ‘armchair flying.’ It may sound fancy, but it’s straightforward. You just sit in a comfortable chair at home and imagine how you would fly different things like approaches, holds, and departures.

Now, let me tell you, this ground practice is crucial, especially when it comes to the Instrument Rating test. That test is not easy, I have to be honest. But with some hard work and preparation, it’s totally achievable. And once you pass it, you earn something really cool – your Commercial Pilot’s License with an Instrument Rating! Plus, you’ll also have what’s known as a frozen ATPL. It’s like having a special pilot superpower.

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