Pilot Aptitude Tests – Pass Your Pilot Selection Day

SOUTHAFRICAPPL- Pilot Aptitude Tests Pass Your Pilot Selection Day

Pilot Aptitude Tests – Pass Your Pilot Selection Day

Pilot aptitude tests are an important part of the process for people who want to become pilots and join a pilot training program. If you’re curious about what these tests are like, you can start by searching for information on the internet.

There are many online resources and companies that focus on helping future pilots get ready for these tests. These companies give you information about what to expect and often provide practice tests that you can do at home. Some of these services might cost money, but I think they’re a good investment. Learn about Assessment Day – Pilot Maths Tests.

Having access to practice tests, even if they’re not exactly the same as the real tests, can really help you feel more confident and less nervous.

But if you’re looking for free information about pilot aptitude tests, here’s what you can expect:

The Different Kinds Of Tests

When I applied to become a pilot in 2014, I had to take several aptitude tests. The specific format might be a bit different depending on the flight training organization you apply to. However, the basic ideas and concepts in these tests are usually similar. In fact, the tests I took in 2016 when I applied to work for the airline I’m with now were quite similar. So, the main parts of these tests tend to stay the same over time.

‘Box Flying’

In the first pilot test, we’ll pretend to fly using a joystick. This test checks how good candidates are at using their hands and eyes together and flying skills.

Big airplanes, like those made by Airbus, use joysticks to fly, so this test is important.

You’ll see a set of crosshairs on the screen, and your goal is to keep them in the middle using the joystick.

The tricky part is that the joystick’s effect changes during the test. Sometimes, a little push has a big effect, while other times, it doesn’t do much. So, you need to make small moves and wait to see how it works before you do more.

This skill is important when flying big planes. Don’t make big changes, or it can make the plane wobble and cause problems.

This test mainly looks at how well you can use your hands and eyes together. There isn’t much you can do to practice, but playing video games with a joystick might help!


This pilot test shows you three pictures of a person in different positions and directions.

For example, one person might be upside down and facing you, another person might be standing up but facing away from you, and the third person might be standing up and facing you.

During the test, you’ll hear a phrase like ‘positive left circle,’ and your job is to figure out how many of the three people have a circle in their left hand.

For example, if you hear ‘negative right triangle,’ you need to figure out how many people don’t have a triangle in their right hand.

This test has many rounds with different time limits, and it can be challenging.

Here’s an example: What’s your answer to ‘Negative right circle’? Don’t read the answer yet; try to get it right.

Your answer should be ‘two.’ The question is asking how many people don’t have a circle in their right hand.

The person on the left (as we look at it) has a circle in their left hand. The person in the middle has a circle in their right hand, and the person on the right (facing away from you) has a triangle in their left hand.

So, two people don’t have a circle in their right hand.

‘Pattern Test’

In the third pilot aptitude test, you’ll face something called a “pattern test.” They’ll show you two boxes with lots of shapes mixed up inside. These shapes might overlap and create new shapes. Underneath the boxes, they’ll tell you which shape to find. Your job is to figure out if that shape is in the left box, the right box, both boxes, or neither. It’s not too hard, and you’ll have plenty of time to do it.

‘Grid/Concentration Test’

The fourth test you might come across is what I call the “grid/concentration test.” In this task, they’ll show you a grid with five rows and five columns. At the top of the grid, there are five different shapes, and on the side, there are five different colors. Your job is to look at the grid and click on the shape when it matches the color. It’s a bit like a matching game, but with shapes and colors.


Imagine a small airplane on a screen, and you can control it using arrow keys. Your job is to guide the airplane through various boxes, which is a simple task.

OUTHAFRICAPPL- Pilot Aptitude The Different Kinds Of Tests With CombinationMultitasking Exercise

Combination/Multitasking Exercise 

In aviation, you often need to do many things at the same time, and this test checks how good you are at paying attention and doing multiple things together.

These tests can involve different things like sounds, things you see, and how well you can use your hands and eyes together. For example, you might have to keep the airplane on its path while also keeping track of a changing series of numbers.

Here’s how the number part works: A voice will say a series of numbers, like “4-8-5,” which means 485. Then, it will start counting down by 5, like “4-8-5, 4-8-0, 4-7-5,” and so on.

The tricky part is when the pattern changes. Let’s say it goes from “4-8-5, 4-8-0, 4-7-5, 4-7-1.” You need to click when you see the change and figure out what’s different. In this example, the change is 4.

The series will keep going with this new difference, like “4-7-1, 4-6-7, 4-6-3,” and so on. Your job is to notice when the pattern changes by more than 4.

If that’s not enough, there’s another thing to do. While you’re working on the previous tasks, you’ll hear a shape described, like a “YELLOW SQUARE.” Shapes with numbers inside them will show up on the left side of the screen. You need to quickly find the yellow square and type in the number inside it.

These tests might look hard, but they are doable. You’ll get some practice rounds to get used to them. Even if you’re not a superhero, with practice, you can do well.


While you might not have these exact challenges, I’ve given you an example of what tests during the pilot selection process could be like.

Remember, it’s not tough to find out what tests to expect. A quick online search can lead you to forums or Facebook groups where people talk about their recent experiences.

Lastly, think about using online practice tools to build your confidence and get ready for the real tests.

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